And Here We Go!

Welcome, everyone, to what we hope will be such a wonderful COMMUNITY of travelers and road warriors! When Anthony and I first began researching full-time RV living, the information seemed so overwhelming and dispersed. Everyone had a blog with resources, but it was usually from one perspective. We would scour Instagram and the internet for what everyone had to say about boondocking, campground memberships, RV renovation, and remote income. It was just. so. much.


The Adventure Diary blog was birthed from a desire to have a go-to spot to hear from multiple perspectives. To hear the pros and cons of several different types of campground memberships. To know what boondocking looks like for different families. To hear personal success stories of how many ways there are to make money on the road. To see the multiple ways of painting camper cabinets or replacing flooring. We all have different needs, goals, and desires, and we believe that hearing from multiple voices in one area better instills confidence in pursuing and building a part-time or full-time road travel life.

We have three primary categories that we will be featuring on a weekly basis from guest contributors living full or par time on the road: road life income, RV renovation, and campground and boondocking resources. Within these categories you will hear more about campground memberships, campground reviews, and boondocking set-ups. You can also expect personal stories from others revealing the variety of jobs out there for road income. And of course, we will feature tutorials and inspiration for changing any RV space.

We are so excited to share these amazing people, their experiences, and their knowledge here. Be sure to subscribe to get notifications in your inbox with new posts so that you never miss one that might be helpful in your journey or getting you closer to a life of road travel.


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